ARES-5/E - Seismic-acoustic system for rock-burst hazards assessment


Assessement of rock-burst hazards in the longwall area.

The task of the ARES-5/E system is converting the velocity of mechanical vibrations of rock-mass into electrical signals by means of SP-5.28/E
geophones which are fastened on anchors situated in the walls of top and bottom roads. Then the signals are sent to the surface, to the surface mining geophysics station, where they are digitally processed and computerinterpreted.





Informacje techniczne

Number of measuring channels


8 (maximum 64 for surface stations)

Transmission mode


natural, current

Maximum transmission range


10 km

Band width


28÷1500 Hz

Vibrations parameter to be processed



Sensor type



Band width of the sensor


28 Hz÷1500 Hz

Sensor sensitivity


8,66 V/m/s ± 15%

Sensor location



Supply mode of the object part of the system

intrinsically safe circuit


centrally from the surface, from an “iₐ ”

Supply voltage of transmission line


36 V ± 1 V

Maximum current in a line


≤ 40 mA

Transmission line check


short circuit, break

Continuity check of a sensor-connecting wire

with a transmitter


no continuity - signal in the channel of 480 Hz frequency

Transmitter test


polarization inversion of the line – signal in the channel of 480 Hz frequency

Operation check of a selected channel


possibility to listen to a selected channel

Maximum sampling frequency

of seismic-acoustic signals


10 kHz

Sampling frequency of signal envelopes


250 Hz

Processing dynamics of the signal


54 dB

Processing dynamics of the signal envelopes


48 dB

Processing computer



Results visualization


LCD monitor of the processing computer

Supply voltage of the system


230 V ± 10%

Input power of the surface station


180 VA

Working temperature


- object part: from 5°C÷40°C

- station part: from 5°C÷35°C

Casing protection degree of the underground

part of the system


IP 54

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