ARAMIS M/E - Seismic system with DTSS digital transmission of seismic signals


Depending on the extent of the mine, the system is based on seismometers or optionally on low frequency geophones. The system uses intrinsically safe data transmission, centrally supplied from the surface, which enables to transmit 1-, 2- or 3-axial velocity movements (X, Y, Z). The sampling of signals is performed by means of 24-bit Sigma Delta converters, providing high dynamics of conversion and recording.


The processing module of the ARAMIS M/E system works on the basis of the following algorithms:


Visualization of the location point on the map:

Informacje techniczne

Maximum number of component channels


16 (standard) with one SP/DTSS cassette

(optionally 32 channels with two SP/DTSS cassettes,



- SPI-70 seismometers in SN/DTSS transmission    stations

- seismometers in CS/DTSS cases

- low frequency GVu, GVd, GHa geophones

Recorded frequency range


0 ÷ 150 Hz (underground transmitter)

Signal transmission


digital, binary

Digital recording of one, two or three

components (X,Y,Z) of the signal

on one transmission line


1,2, or 3

Record and processing dynamics


no less than 110 dB (1-component), 100 dB (3-component)

Power supply of underground

transmission station


central, intrinsically-safe from the surface

Line voltage supply


≤ 35 V DC

Maximum current in a line


78 mA

Maximum transmission range


Up to 10 km

Data transmission speed in the DTSS system


19200 b/s

Average location accuracy


± 20m (X,Y), ± 50m (Z) provided that the sensors are located in an

optimum manner

Sampling frequency


500 Hz

Minimum energy of a located event


10² J

Casing protection degree

of devices in the underground

part of the system


IP 54

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